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Data Product

CNDI Register allows you to smoothly
implement a data mesh in your organization

Dashboard UI

What is CNDI Register?

CNDI Register gives data mesh users the discoverability they need to consume data products on their mesh. It also enables proper data product standardization, interoperability, versioning, and access control.  Easily filter and search for the information you need within your company with CNDI Register.

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CNDI Register features

intuitive web ui

Intuitive Web UI

Ease data mesh adoption in your organization with a super, easy-to-use web application. Add or search for data products on your mesh with just a few clicks. It's never been this easy to share and discover information within your business. Sign up for the Registry waitlist today!

Standardization and Interoperability

Proper set standards and interoperability enable smooth connection from data product to data product.

Collections Pag


Create groups of data products that you can easily share with your teams and grant different levels of access to users.


Fully Managed
Platform in the cloud

Self-hosting servers

Self-host on Your
own Server

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